Monday, June 21, 2010

Our cargo was lost sent thru stargate international?

my uncle sent a package from dubai last nov.11 2005,

the forwarder said that we should wait 45 days until it will be delivered into our house

we expected the package before christmas but until now it is still missing

we contct stardate manila but the telephone just keep on ringing

no one bothers to answer it.........

queen michelle lee

gensan cityOur cargo was lost sent thru stargate international?
Many are complaining about Stargate. A class suit against this company or media expose might be a good recourse.Our cargo was lost sent thru stargate international?
Please inform the sender about the fate of his package. He will surely need to report about the missing package. And the forwarder will be responsible for the replacement.
u should tell ur uncle to file a complaint at the stargate office where he sent the package.some company have a tracking number for the package so if u have one,try to track it on their website.its really bad coz a lot of these hard-earned-missing packages were unable to track time tell ur uncle to check the credibility of the company.i use forexworld w/c is almost 25 yrs in the service of balikbayan box and it never fail me since i started sending packages thru them.3 weeks only and my package arrives home safely in ilocos norte..
If its a balikbayan box then Stargate will be obliged to pay the declared value plus the freight fee refunded , if they don't do it then your uncle must complain to the Stargate company in Dubai to get reimbursement which could be months.
The address of stargate is: 30 real st. Las Pinas Commercial Complex, Alabang Zapote Rd. their contact nos. are 8749126 , 8749435. Tell your uncle not to send parcel via Stargate again,,,I heard so many shippers complaining, and i met one lady in Gensan, one shipment was lost, it was sent October, 2007 here in manila, until now the shipment is nowhere to be found, but the agent in Gensan, 2GO confirm it was received by CARJEFF (AGent of Stargate in Gensan)
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