Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The cargo van I rented was rear-ended. Can I recover the $1000 ';deductible'; in Ontario?

I rented a cargo van, and paid $30 for the Collision Damage Waiver, which is subject to a $1000 deductible. The rear bumper was damaged when another vehicle ran into the van from behind. The rental company took $1000 from my credit card. The estimate to replace the bumper is $1300. I figure the rental company can put in a claim since they are still out $300, and since the other car was at fault the insurance should waive the deductible and pay the rental company $1300. They can then pay me back the $1000. If this accident had involved my own vehicle, the normal practice would have been for the insurer to waive my deductible. It just seems wrong that even though I paid for the collision damage waiver, and the other driver was at fault, I may end up out of pocket $1000.The cargo van I rented was rear-ended. Can I recover the $1000 ';deductible'; in Ontario?
Im calling BS on this one bro. The company that rented that vehicle to you should not have charged your card $1000.

1) Collision waiver- pays for damage to vehicle regardless of fault. And ';WAIVES'; you from any financial responsibility.

2) If the other party had insurance during the time of the accident, it should be claimed on their policy (pending it was their fault). And if that rental company is too STUPID to call the other party's insurance company you should.

3) After you get your $1000 reimbursed, send the rental company a bill for the interest on your credit card.

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