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Bringing a cat on a plane in cargo vs as carry-on?

A friend of mine is visiting his family, which is where my family lives and where my kitty currently is.

I want to get her out here, and was hoping he'd bring her with him. The airline he's taking only allows for pets to be stored in cargo. would this be a safe way for her to travel? Or should I wait until I go out there, and try and bring her with me as carry-on later on?Bringing a cat on a plane in cargo vs as carry-on?
When I moved from the UK to Cyprus, I took my 17 year old cat with me. Due to UK airline regulations, she had to travel as cargo, but this was in a heated area away from the luggage section. My vet recommended against sedation, because if there is any air turbulence during the flight, that the cat may be too disorientated to be able to steady themselves in their carrier and some cats get injured this way. After a 4.5 hour flight she was fine and settled into our new home much quicker than expected.

I also took her with me when I lived in France for 8 months and that time she was allowed to travel in the cabin. I don't know how long your flight is, but I personally wasn't happy with the idea of making her travel underneath the seat in front of me. (I wouldn't feel comfortable if I couldn't stretch my legs). Thankfully, the airline allowed me to purchase an empty seat for her and my cat was able to travel in the same large carrier that we'd used for cargo. Again she was not sedated and I was a bit worried about whether she would become vocal, but she never made a sound.

Transport regulations do vary from airline to airline, and you can check this information on the link below.鈥?/a>

Make sure you get any necessary health certificates from your vet, and proof your cat has been treated for parasites within 48 prior to travel. If you do decide to transport your cat in the cabin, book ahead as early as possible, because most airlines will only permit one pet in the cabin per flight.

If my jet-set granny cat coped with 3 flights at her age, I'm sure that with preparation on your part, your cat will be fine too.

Good luck.

Bringing a cat on a plane in cargo vs as carry-on?
It depends on the length of the flight and if it is a direct flight.It can get cold in cargo holds.If the flight is not direct the transfer to another flight can be traumatic.The pets are simply cargo to be handled and transported quickly and efficiently.It is not a gentle process.If it were me I would wait until I could go and get your cat yourself and I would find an airline that would let your pet ride in the cabin with you so that you are in control of what happens to your pet.
I would wait, and take her home on an airline that will allow a carry-on kitty. Cargo isn't really healthy for your pet and can cause a TON of stress. I've heard horror stories about airlines losing pets, dogs coming out with random wounds and injuries, etc. Think of kitty's safety, no matter how much you miss her!
most airlines in the US won't allow a pet to travel in cargo this time of year. The cargo area has no air conditioning and animals easily overheat during these hot months in such a small cramped place. Carry on is probably your only option. If your airline won't allow it then find another one.
Most definatley look for another airline that will allow carry on. The Cargo space in a plane gets extremely hot and animals can overheat and die! Your cat will be less stressed if you can bring him with you.
What the first answerer said.
I hate to burst your bubble but ring a few airlines and you will find that not one of them allows a pet as a carry on.

Depending how long the flight is your cat should be fine. If you are concerned however there are two options:

- Firstly nip down to your local veternary clinic, explain the situation and ask if you can have either some mild sedatives or mild relaxants for your kitty. Give them to her before the flight to make the trip easier for her and you shouldn't have any problems....cargo is safe for pets the airlines wouldn't allow it if it wasn't.

- Secondly is drive down there and pick her up or have her couriered to you. Costly I know but can you really put a price on your pets health?

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