Monday, November 30, 2009

Are Cargo Pants (the ones for girls) still in style?

Who cares what in or out of style, if you like them and you feel good in them you go and wear them, forget what others think!! I personally like them especially with a good pair of timbs, but like i say if they make you happy that's all that should matter!!!Are Cargo Pants (the ones for girls) still in style?
umm no! go with some cute pants from hollister, theyre comfy, casual and totally cute!

www.hollisterco.comAre Cargo Pants (the ones for girls) still in style?
Mmmm... Don't really know,

But i know that skinny jeans are in style.
Yes, just as long as the pockets aren't too big. You know the ones take go down half the pant leg.

Yes. I think cargos are the cutest pants out for ladies, especially in capris!
I really dislike these pants on girls. They add bulk to a girl's body, and I am pretty sure no woman wants added bulk. Also, they are dang near imnpossible to keep from looking shabby and worn down.
if you want them to be i mean you dont have to be in style at all times
who cares?

i love cargo pants,and i don't care if i'm ';fashionable'; or not.

if you like them,wear them!

i reccomend lucky brand jeans.

they have awesome cargo pants too
Anything is in style if you want it to be. And if its not the make it your style.
If you want them to be. Don't conform just because some magazine says it is cool.
Nope...not right now!
they will always be in style but not the skin tight wrinkled ones I am not sure about thoes.
Yes, as long as the girls wearing them aren't carrying too much cargo.
i think they are. i love cargo pants. theyre cute, comfy and .. yea i just like them.
no..of course don't actually wear them do you? God help us if you do.

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