Monday, November 30, 2009

What kind of shoe would go best with cargo capris?

i bought a pair of wedge sandals but i dont think those would look right with cargo caprisWhat kind of shoe would go best with cargo capris?
It depends what the wedges look like but if you look in the mirror and think they look bad, try matching colored flip flops or cute flats. You cant go wrong with those two!What kind of shoe would go best with cargo capris?
aaahhh, Britt521 stole my answer, lol, but yeah, flats or flip flops will work (that's what i wear with cargo capris), good luck!! =)
They would if u have like a dressy top...but anything could go with cargo pants...Air Forces, Converse, Heels, Flip Flops, Spearys...etc...u just have to have the right accessories and a cute top thats n the same style with the shoes...



Beachy/Preppy...Flip Flops

Casual...Air Forces

Preppy/Girly...Spearys or Highlanders as some people call them!!!
yeah they will look nice actually. gives the cargo a feminine touch.
Bear traps.

Cargo capris?! Eww. Go with Daisy Dukes and burn your ugly pseudo-pants, for the love of GOD.
Nothing with a back. The less you see with capris, the better. Since capris are supposed to show off your ankles, you don't want your shoes to be all clunky. A simple sandal works best.
Try a simple black slingback stiletto heel. That would look classy, but not overly so.

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