Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weight ability for cargo in tahoe?

How much weight can be loaded into the back of a 2003 if loaded properly? I'm looking for the actual number in pounds that can go in a tahoe without damaging it.Weight ability for cargo in tahoe?
The Tahoe is based on the C/K-1500 and, as I understand things, uses the same springs and dampers, with the stabilizer bars resized for the wheelbase. I would consider 500# a reasonable max load behind the 2nd-row bench, as any load behind the axle tends to lighten up the front end.Weight ability for cargo in tahoe?
tahoe is based on 1/2 ton truck 1000 pounds..including people...
When the rear tires rub the inside fender wells add another 500 lbs then stop that should be about right.
That would be a good question to email GM and have then give you an answer rather then us trying to guess.

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