Sunday, November 29, 2009

What hurts less when paintballing, jeans or cargo trousers?

i am going paintballing for the first time and was wondering what to wear. the weather is supposed to be quite nice so don't want to get too hot, but i also don't want to get too many bruises.

also what shoes would you recommend for in the woods?

thanks xxWhat hurts less when paintballing, jeans or cargo trousers?
shorts are a bad idea. Getting shot on bare skin hurts. Plus you'll be laying in the dirt and crawling and stuff. Pants. Wear them.

Boots of some sort. Hiking boots are best. Running shoes if you dont have anything else.

You will have fun, its exciting.What hurts less when paintballing, jeans or cargo trousers?
Doubling up layers is not a good idea, especially jeans, as jeans are a bit restrictive, and being unable to move less means you'll just get shot more. Wear comfortable clothing that gives you room to stretch, squat, crawl %26amp; otherwise move around.

Where whatever shoes you normally would in the woods. Light hiking boots would be fine or some old sneakers. Key for footwear is good traction without weight.
Buy a shirt that is a size or two too big. Jeans will work, but you may want to wear more than one pair if you're really worried. Any kind of old shoes will work, but cleats would be best, and a hat helps a lot. Having something that is somewhat protective on your head is always nice, or at least something to protect your forehead.
I only remember shots above the waist being painful. Wear a thick shirt too.

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