Sunday, November 29, 2009

Airline restrictions on size of dogs shipped cargo in US?

My daughter has a giant dog--Irish Wolfhound--that is just 1 year old and weighs around 100 lbs. She wants to fly him home with her to visit us for Xmas--from San Diego to Chicago! The dog is an absolute sweetheart, but not well-socialized. Very shy and afraid of strangers, used to being alone while she at work. I think this is a bad idea and I want her to get a dog sitter to come to the house for the week that she will be gone. I am willing to pay for the sitter ($60 per day for 2 times a day)--but does anyone know the cost of shipping a dog this large via air, the huge crate required, etc. I need some facts to back myself up. I love the dog and want what is best for him. Thanks for your opinions and help!Airline restrictions on size of dogs shipped cargo in US?
Shipping a dog is VERY traumatic! Go to鈥?/a> to learn about the dangers of flying. You'll need to call the airline that your daughter is flying in on. The dog will be shipped cargo, IF they'll even take him due to his size. I have a friend that raises Saint Bernards and she cannot fly them because they are too big. I would definitely get the pet sitter, or even board him somewhere. It's just too risky to fly.Airline restrictions on size of dogs shipped cargo in US?
I suggest you go to鈥?/a>


The first site is Delta Airlines,and second site is Continental Airlines,both have different prices listed according to weight.

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