Monday, November 30, 2009

Is mainstream religion all that different from a Cargo Cult?

A cargo cult is any of a group of unorthodox religious movements appearing in tribal societies in the wake of Western impact, especially in New Guinea and Melanesia. Cargo cults sometimes maintain that manufactured western goods (';cargo';) have been created by divine spirits and are intended for the local indigenous people, but that white people have unfairly gained control of these objects. Cargo cults thus focus on overcoming what they perceive as undue 'white' influences by conducting rituals similar to the white behavior they have observed, presuming that the ancestors will at last recognize their own and send them cargo. Thus a characteristic feature of cargo cults is the belief that spiritual agents will at some future time give much valuable cargo and desirable manufactured products to the cult members. In other instances such as on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, cult members worship Americans who brought the cargo. mainstream religion all that different from a Cargo Cult?
Well... no they aren't a whole lot different. Both are wishing for something, but at least the cargo dudes have a slim chance to getting their desire. Cargo ship are real, aren't they...

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.Is mainstream religion all that different from a Cargo Cult?
Yes and No all religions are at there root the same and all are a response to the same human phyche that is universal despite local cultural differances. The one thing they have in common is that they are all attempts by the human brain to describe what cannot be understood. They are all attempts to describe the trancendent. They all touch it but none can actualy do it. None of them have anything to dowith GOD. I could worship you. I can make up all kinds of rituals to please you. You might never even know it. YOU might find that it is silly. But that does not mean YOU do not exist.

If your trying to disprove God by the Rituals of men who have no idea what there doing then your on the wrong track. None of them have anything to do with God.

Exept the desire to know the desire to be byond our selfs. THat is what seperates us from the animals.
No difference, mainstream just means they were able to brainwash more people.
All religions are cargo cults, in my opinion.
Boy,you know a lot! Yeah we heard all about it. There was also an African movie with the same theme in the 80's. What's your point,other than that it's Saturday and you don't have a date?
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